2018年2月3日,由HKS国际建筑设计公司精心设计与规划,览海医疗产业投资股份有限公司投资,打造的涉外高品质综合门诊部——亚博888览海门诊部于陆家嘴亚博888环球金融中心开业。HKS大中华区负责人Joburt Betadam先生、高级副总裁范敏泽先生、医疗建筑规划总监许豪哲先生、项目经理王亮先生和资深室内,设计师关耀东先生出席了开业典礼。

On March 3rd, 2018, we witnessed the opening of the Lanhai Medical Center at the Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC). The facility is a high-end comprehensive clinic, which highlights HKS’s design and medical planning expertise, and capitalizes Lanhai Medical’s investment in healthcare.

Mr. Joburt Betadam, Managing Director of HKS Architects (China), Mr. Alan Fan, Associate Principal and Senior Vice President, Mr. Hao-Che Hsu, Director of Medical Facility Planning, Mr. William Wang, Project Manager, and Mr. Steven Guan, Senior Interior Designer attended the grand opening ceremony.

HKS项目领导及设计师合影 HKS Team


HKS was entrusted with the comprehensive design for interior design and medical planning. The design team provided guidance for architecture, landscape, and wayfinding design for the project. The Lanhai Medical Center is a high-end clinic serving the Shanghai Lujiazui Financial District. The clinic integrates a high-quality healthcare experience, human-centered concept, and personalized design. The operational model is to engage well-known medical experts in Shanghai, and allow patients to visit specialists with regular consultations at the clinics. The 10,000-square-metre, 3-story facility features several key departments including Day Surgery Suite, Endoscopy Center, 24h Pediatric Center, Health Management Center, Ophthalmology & Optometry, Dental Clinic and Medical Cosmetology Center. The facility also provides supporting functions such as diagnostic imaging and clinical laboratory.

大堂效果图与实景图对比 Lobby (Rendering vs. Real Photo)


Lanhai Medical is a large-scale medical service company listed on the Main Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange and is committed to building a healthcare service network covering health management (including physical examination), general clinics, general hospitals, special hospitals, rehabilitation, medical care and financial services for medical equipment.

览海门诊充分发挥沪上医疗专家资源丰富的优势,并从海内外招纳优秀的全科及专科精英医生与专业护理人员,医护人员不仅拥有多元的文化背景,且专业知识丰富,技术手段精湛;各科、各中心均配置了先进、齐全的医疗诊断设备。此外,为提供精准权威的诊疗服务,览海门诊部更采用国际医疗领域领先的多学科诊疗模式(简称MDT),集合各大医院的优势学科,组织临床专家定期会诊,提出适合患者的 治疗方案。

Building on the diversity of its medical expertise and talent, Lanhai Medical is proud to recruit its staff from home and abroad. Elite physicians and professional nursing staff form a medical team with diversified cultural backgrounds, professional knowledge, and superb technical skills. All departments and centers are equipped with advanced and complete medical diagnostic equipment. In order to provide accurate and authoritative medical services, Lanhai Medical also adopts the leading multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment model (MDT) in the international medical field. The clinic integrates the superior disciplines of major hospitals and invites clinical experts to conduct regular consultations to tailor the best treatment programs for its patients.

门诊中心实景图 Outpatient Clinics

内镜中心实景图 Endoscopy Center


HKS’s Health Interior Architecture group has provided health interior design services for more than 1,000 projects worldwide. Our project experience includes academic medical centers, ambulatory care centers, cancer centers, children’s hospitals, community hospitals, rehabilitation centers, women’s centers, heart centers, skilled nursing facilities, medical office buildings, clinics and research facilities.

儿科实景图 Pediatrics Center

健康管理(体检)中心实景图 Health Management Center

医疗美容科实景图 Medical Cosmetology Center


HKS designs environments that promote healing and contribute to the improvement of patient care and clinical outcomes. Meanwhile, a successful interior environment reflects the mission and vision of the healthcare facility.


We understand the importance of integrating the workflow, the care-delivery process and the way patients interact with the built environment. Following the guidelines and implementation of evidence-based design, we incorporate elements to reduce noise, stress and fatigue for patients and caregivers and to improve quality and patient safety.

日间手术中心实景图 Day Surgery Suite

口腔中心实景图 Dental Clinic


Creating places that enhance the human experience, we reduce stressful circumstances to allow for a higher level of patient comfort. Studies show that providing patients control of their environment promotes a quicker recovery. Private rooms with easily accessible controls for lighting, music and television allow patients to choose their own comfort levels. Integrating wayfinding and artwork into the interior architecture strengthens a well-thought-out and easy environment to navigate.

公共区域实景图 Public Area

hks建筑及室内设计专业团队的通力合作可以,根据您的愿景与目标标定制为 的设计设计方方案。

The collaboration across HKS Architecture and Interior Architecture professionals translates your vision and specific goals into a unique design solution that focuses on enhancing the human experience.

项目介绍视频 Project Intro Video


HKS is a team of more than 1,400 architects, interior designers, urban designers, scientists, artists, structural engineers, anthropologists and other professionals working together across industries and across the globe to create places that delight, heal and stimulate peak performance. We have nurtured a culture of extraordinary people with curious and creative minds who are passionate about delivering elegant solutions that solve our clients’ challenges. Our research teams dig deep to discover processes and ideas that improve outcomes – then they share them freely for everyone’s benefit. In all we do, we are mindful of the fragility of all life and of the planet.

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